Who We Are

Zarch is an architecture studio established in 1999 that has, over time, developed a practice centred in architecture, yet in equal parts daringly and comfortably crossing multiple fields and disciplines in its approach to spatial design.

Building upon a collaborative vision where interaction between like-minded individuals both within and without is valued as part of the creative process, the studio has at various points in its growth found itself nestled within a community that included a graphic studio, a bar and a cafe.

The team works in a tightly-knit studio, where a buoyant open ecology of effervescent conversations and intensive dialogue is valued. Working across varying scales and complexities, our portfolio is continuously expanding as we confound expectations and re-write the rulebook as to what an architecture studio should be.

Randy Chan

One of Singapore's leading young architects, Randy's architectural and design experience crosses multiple fields and scales, all guided by the simple philosophy that architecture and aesthetics are part of the same impulse. This multidisciplinary has seen him work on a challenging and diverse range of projects in Singapore and abroad which have garnered much praise in the press, features in publications, as well as critical acclaim and awards internationally. Recent accolades include the Singapore Institute of Architects gold medal for the 38 Holland Park in 2010 and the President's Design Award 2013 for his collaborative artwork 'Building as a Body'.

Linda Koay

Founder of Design Act, Linda has helmed contract operations of various scales in the interior design industry since 1989. Project completed successfully under her purview include offices, an entertainment hub, galleries, retails outlets, club houses and many more. Linda's acumen is partly honed by more than 20 years of experience and the uncanny ability to envisage objective-driven possibilities within each project phase. Her resource management skills and visionary leadership influences and propels each project team towards comprehensive achievements and excellence.