The Memory Conduit


2019 / Singapore / Facade of National Gallery Singapore, City Hall Wing

Featuring in the ‘Light To Night’ light festival to commemorate Singapore’s Bicentennial, the Memory Conduit is intended as a channel of collective memory. Sited at the entrance of the City Hall building, the Conduit faces the landmark Padang, a key urban space that is central to Singapore’s historical narrative. That history is projected onto the façade of the City Hall as a virtual and temporal experience. The Memory Conduit seeks to provide a tangible manifestation of this projection, as a physical portal that magnifies the experience of that narrative.

Conceived as a contrasting counterpoint to the rectilinear façade of the City Hall, the parabolic form results from its materiality, ‘woven’ from ‘cells’ of geotextile that expresses the fabric of Singapore’s history.

Facing the City Hall building, the Memory Conduit becomes a gateway to the past. A fabric of light, its dynamism and energy suggest the enduring spirit that appears to inhabit its architectural monument. Turning to face the Padang, the Conduit frames visitors’ view of the panoramic skyline of contemporary Singapore, a point of reflection at the completion of a journey to Singapore’s past.

LightCollab | Lighting Designer
Brandon Tay | Projection Artist
Safuan Johari | Sound Artist