Sonic Womb


2019 / Singapore / National Museum of Singapore

Sonic Womb is a responsive, immersive installation comprising of an inhabitable suspended tensile womb structure and soundscape, which explores the process of human gestation. Visitors are invited to climb within the womb “pod”, where they experience a multi-sensory experience that mimics that of a foetus in the womb. The pod in itself is a soft, semi-translucent object which deforms in response to the movements of its temporary habitants. The outer membrane acts as a “soft box” diffuser of the light outside, where projections on the external skin illuminate the inner space and reveal those within as indistinct shapes.

A kinetic membrane reaches out from the pod, softly contracting and undulating, mimicking the inner movements of the body. Projections float over the membrane expressing the qualities of life forming: the binding of cells, the development of human form, and growth of the foetus. Through a real-time audio synthesis, the sounds of visitors’ movements and voices are transformed into otherworldly echoes and merged with an intimately textured soundscape which recreates the muffled sounds experienced by the foetus.


Ong Kian Peng | Interactive / Kinetic Artist
Benjamin Cheng | Sound Designer
Shar Tahir | Technical Sound Director