Youth Olympic Games Stage


2010 / Singapore / The former Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports

The stage set for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010 was sited at the Marina Bay floating platform. Drawing upon the Marina Bay skyline as a rich backdrop, the stage was composed of three layers – the floating necklace of containers, the main stage and the lake of water.

The use of maritime imagery in the lighthouse, container and industrial elements bring forth the narrative of the Singapore story embedded in the workings of a port. The lake of water in the foreground acts to blur the boundaries between the stage set, the background of the city and the waterscape. The atmospheric potential of all the elements are tempered with the functional where industrial lifts and hydraulic mechanisms serve to animate and elevate the story-telling. The containers in the background are composed rhythmically, appearing much like a floating pearl necklace anchored by a central element of the lighthouse. The expansiveness of the city skyline is contrasted with the intimacy of the storyline, the choreography of the performance brought to life against an un-choreographed living backdrop of the city.