Singapore Sustainable Gallery 2018

Curation / Interpretative

2018 / Singapore / Public Utilities Board

As an island city-state, Singapore faces unique environmental and geographical challenges that is now exacerbated by climate change. Drawing on the spirit of ingenuity and determination that enabled our pioneers to survive and thrive, the Sustainable Singapore Gallery narrates Singapore’s transformation into a liveable, green city in a garden in anticipating and addressing future threats. Sited within the Marina Barrage, a 350m wide landmark dam that turned Marina Bay into a freshwater reservoir, the gallery is articulated through 6 zones that holistically expounds the realities of climate change and natural resource management to raise awareness among the general public utilizing the latest multimedia technology and gamification.

Visitors arrive at the foyer and the 1st zone that provide them a background of the issues, priming them for the gallery experience. They proceed to a main gallery space that is loosely segmented. A white ‘ribbon’ element weaves through the site, articulating the various zones while joining them as one.

Each of the zones address a particular theme, including water management and waste reduction, reflected through the space’s materiality and use of multimedia technology, including AR, interactive digital maps and touch screens that contributes to a highly engaging and immersive experience for all visitors.