Singapore Maritime Gallery


2012 / Singapore / Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore

The Singapore Maritime Gallery was intended to remind visitors of the intimate and intrinsic connections between Singapore the island-state and the Maritime world. Divided into ten zones, the emphasis was placed on building a hands-on environment where the visitor would be introduced to the maritime industry. Beginning with a sweeping overview of the diversity and reach of Singapore’s maritime industry, as well as an introduction to just how deeply entwined this industry is with our daily lives, the gallery experience is one which is focused on the people- those working in the industry and those whose lives are affected by the operations of the maritime trade. It then segues into a historical narrative on the maritime industry’s development through the years before bringing the visitor through an actual container and face to face with a large ship console which spans two full zones. The intricacies of the operation of a port are explained through interactive activities planned to be informative and hands-on. The gallery then turns the focus on the significance of Singapore’s maritime industry to the world and how it is integral that Singapore maintains her voice in the international arena. The gallery experience then concludes in a similar vein to how it began – returning the spotlight to the people that make this industry tick and have left a mark on history, seeking to commemorate achievements as well as inspire future generations