Singapore: Inside Out

Art / Curation / Interpretative

2015 / Beijing, London, New York, Singapore / Singapore Tourism Board

A travelling showcase of Singapore’s contemporary creative talents, Singapore: Inside Out travelled to Beijing, London, New York and back to Singapore in 2015 as a celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee. Helmed by the Singapore Tourism Board, ZarchCollaboratives served as the overall creative director of the show, designing the showcase pavilion consisting of a lattice of construction scaffolding as well as curating the lineup of artists on show at the presentation.
The design of the pavilion incorporated modular elements that could be easily dissembled and reassembled as the showcase travelled around the world, and included several rooms for artists to display their works, a black box, a library, two stages and courtyard spaces for visitors to explore the breadth and depth of Singapore’s creative scene. The artists on show spanned multiple disciplines, from the performing, visual, literary and culinary arts to music, installation art and fashion.