SAF Yacht Club


2020 / Sembawang, Singapore / SAF

The redevelopment of the SAF Yacht Club Clubhouse aims to modernize the recreation club, ensuring that it remains relevant and attractive to a new generation of clientele. This redevelopment taps into the window of opportunity arising from the client’s consolidation of club facilities into one integrated complex. The project was intricately planned to proceed in 4 phases in order to allow the club to continue its operations with minimal disruption.

The design seeks to exploit natural, seaside vistas to create a new engagement with the seascape as both a backdrop and a platform for sea-based recreational activities, connected through a boardwalk. Presenting the club as an attractive lifestyle destination, the expansion of boating facilities and berths is complemented by the addition of new areas and activities including F&B, conference rooms and a gym.

The architecture of the clubhouse is a bold massing in glass and metal that is draped by a geometric, translucent envelope – a faceted façade mesh that alludes to the fabric of a ship’s sail. The composition creates an impression of dynamism, suggesting motion and movement, while giving the club a distinct silhouette that is recognizable from afar. As a new emblem, the clubhouse gives the club a new, contemporary image that ensures its continued presence and relevance for the years to come.