NEWater Visitors Centre


2012 / Singapore / Public Utilities Board

The concept for the NEWater Visitor Centre (NVC) is built upon showcasing the evolution of NEWater to what it is today – a technology that has become ingrained in Singaporeans’ lives, it is a celebration of this water technology and management success borne out of an ingrained national anxiety for Singapore’s limited land area.

Seen as an independent entity or complementary to visitor centres at significant sites chronicling the Singapore Water Story, the NVC choreographs spaces that function as both educational exhibition spaces and lifestyle hub seamlessly, with an outdoor water park, events spaces, educational and exhibition spaces integrated into what is essentially an industrial processing facility. The visitor experience could be a linear, three-part tour, or as random-access, unguided tours in the three discrete components – the Auditorium, Waterwise Arcade, and the NEWater Gallery. The experience showcases various advances in water supply and reclamation technologies and displays water as part of an eco-friendly lifestyle in the ABC Waters programme. Major improvements include an updated, improved ‘Waters of Singapore’ video; totally revamped computer and hands-on interactive points, and a dramatic close-up macro experience as a drop of used water flowing through the different stages of transformation into NEWater.