17 Geylang Lorong 24A

Conservation / Residential

2012 / Singapore / Pocket Projects

Winner of the URA Architectural Heritage Award 2013 as part of the Lorong 24A Shophouse Series

Part of a unique series of developments set within the rough and tumble of the Geylang neighbourhood in Singapore, the concept of this house was born out of an investigation on the opportunities and delight possible when the old interacts with the new – yet with a healthy respect for the inherent spatial rules afforded by the shophouse typology.

The unique scale of the shophouse is revealed in depth and height, with the continuous series of spaces extending inwards longitudinally and the spiral staircase which draws the eye up along the vertical axis. A bridge extends from the staircase, leading one into the new wing. Characterised by a composition of stacked boxes with slight variations in scale and juxtaposition, it echoes a certain typology of residential living which city dwellers are used to yet it is set within the perimeters and scale of an old building envelope. With the insertion of a sheltered terrace and a double volume space, the threshold between the interior and exterior is broken, establishing a visual connectivity and sense of physical awareness between the old and the new.