2014 / Singapore / KEEPERS: Singapore Design Collective

Keepers Singapore is a pop-up space to showcase local craft and design in the heart of iconic Orchard Road. Designed around the concept of a ‘black diamond’ as the epitome of all-encompassing beauty, the space emphasises the quality and value of Singapore’s design culture in our creative landscape.

The site affords valuable frontage at the junction of two very busy roads along the Orchard Road shopping belt and the architecture maximises this with the angled façade treatment and visual merchandising space. This ‘black’ diamond is then juxtaposed against the white of an ‘L’ block as a double-volume spine that can be transformed into a semi-outdoor space that opens into the Singapore Visitor Centre next door. This was a deliberate design gesture to encourage interaction between the street and the interior, as well as the visitor and the designers/artisans that conduct interactive workshops/tutorials/talks throughout the five-month long programme – encouraging the engagement with and increased awareness of Singapore design culture in the centre of Singapore’s, and one of the world’s, favourite shopping street.