Ethnobotany Garden


Ongoing / Singapore / NParks & The Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Ethnobotany Garden is sited within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNSECO World Heritage Site, and details the evolution of ethnobotany – the complex relationship between plants and humans – over the years in a Southeast Asian context. The garden curate stories in a tapestry of our past and present, and brings to life the social and cultural dynamics and attempts to crystallise the Kampong Spirit (community spirit, known also as Gotong-Royong), all in relation to localised knowledge of the native land, plant, crafts and traditional beliefs. From games and rituals to craftsmanship and architecture, Zarch Collaboratives has designed a space that recollects past relationship between people and plants, where visitor can gain an insight into Southeast Asia’s and rediscover rich ethnobotanical heritage.