Ethnobotany Garden


2018 / Singapore / National Parks Board

The Ethnobotany Garden is sited within the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNSECO World Heritage Site, and details the evolution of ethnobotany – the complex relationship between plants and humans – over the years in a Southeast Asian context.

The garden curate stories in a tapestry of our past and present, bringing to life the social and cultural dynamics all in relation to localized knowledge of the native land and crystallized in the Kampong Spirit (community spirit, known also as Gotong-Royong). From the cultural way of life and crafts to traditional beliefs and rituals, the Garden is a curated space that recollects the past relationship between people and plants, where visitors can gain insight into and rediscover our rich ethnobotanical heritage.

Beginning with a curated wild landscape at the central pond zone, the garden then transits into more domesticated landscape setting featuring plants inherent to South East Asian culture into 4 thematic zones of Cultural, Ritual, Medicinal and Craft.