Djitsun Mall


2011 / Singapore / Overseas Movie Pte Ltd

Located just at the periphery of the newly revamped Ang Mo Kio Hub, the project is an attempt at creating a renewed relevance for what had become an overlooked piece of real estate. The response was one that was primarily site-specific, where the surrounding activities served to modulate the entry point and hence resultant form. Shored in by public housing community areas, the main road, and an empty plot of land just opposite, attention was given to the façade treatment, creating a transparency that broke down the monotony and opacity of the typical box enclosure. This motif of triangulation faceting continues from the emphasis on the corner of the building as a point of emphasis, expanding across the glass façade and into the treatment of details. The dynamism created from the convergence of these interventions effectively activates this long latent corner of a new commercial centre in the neighbourhood.