Building as a Body


2012 / The Substation, Singapore / Singapore Art Museum

In collaboration with Grace Tan of kwodrent

Awarded Design of the Year at the President’s Design Award 2012.

This artwork was the result of a conversation between an architect and an inter-disciplinary artist about the history and heritage of The Substation. Working with Grace Tan the temporary new addition commissioned for the occasion of the Future Proof exhibition was conceived as well shrouding the physicality of the Substation. Playfully using the delicate translucency of the veil with its matrix of dots and lines that interact with the building and its surrounding, the veiled body of the Substation flickers in and out of the view depending upon the vantage point of the viewer and his interaction with the street. More than a reminder of an old and established institution, the installation in its casting of an age-old building in a temporal mirage, crates a fleeting encounter along the street that engages residents and visitors alike, drawing and redrawing their relationships with this particular institutional body beyond the shell of the building.