Angles of Incidence


2014 / Singapore Botanic Gardens and Inner Temple Gardens, London

In collaboration with Philippa Lawrence for Singapore International Foundation-British Council Artist-in-Residence Exchange (SIF-BC AiREx)

Angles of Incidence comprises multiple reflective, faceted steel pods placed beneath the canopy of an 80-year-old heritage Kapok tree in the Singapore Botanic Gardens and the 19th century Plane trees of the historic Inner Temple Gardens, London. It creates a dynamic and yet ephemeral relationship between the temporary installation and its environment, where the experience oscillates between the installation and nature as the reflective elements merge into and emerge from the landscape.

The collaboration with British artist Philippa Lawrence presented an opportunity for dialogue between practitioners from different backgrounds and methodologies, creating a situation where an architect-artist, whose day-to-day practice is in a dense city shares a conversation with an artist who finds much kinship in the idea of land and landscape.